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"""Definition for Google Cloud Natural Language API entities.

An entity is used to describe a proper name extracted from text.

[docs]class EntityType(object): """List of possible entity types.""" UNKNOWN = 'UNKNOWN' """Unknown entity type.""" PERSON = 'PERSON' """Person entity type.""" LOCATION = 'LOCATION' """Location entity type.""" ORGANIZATION = 'ORGANIZATION' """Organization entity type.""" EVENT = 'EVENT' """Event entity type.""" WORK_OF_ART = 'WORK_OF_ART' """Work of art entity type.""" CONSUMER_GOOD = 'CONSUMER_GOOD' """Consumer good entity type.""" OTHER = 'OTHER' """Other entity type (i.e. known but not classified)."""
[docs]class Entity(object): """A Google Cloud Natural Language API entity. Represents a phrase in text that is a known entity, such as a person, an organization, or location. The API associates information, such as salience and mentions, with entities. The only supported metadata (as of August 2016) is ``wikipedia_url``, so this value will be removed from the passed in ``metadata`` and put in its own property. .. _Entity message:\ reference/rest/v1beta1/Entity .. _EntityType enum:\ reference/rest/v1beta1/Entity#Type See `Entity message`_. :type name: str :param name: The name / phrase identified as the entity. :type entity_type: str :param entity_type: The type of the entity. See `EntityType enum`_. :type metadata: dict :param metadata: The metadata associated with the entity. :type salience: float :param salience: The prominence of the entity / phrase within the text containing it. :type mentions: list :param mentions: List of strings that mention the entity. """ def __init__(self, name, entity_type, metadata, salience, mentions): = name self.entity_type = entity_type self.wikipedia_url = metadata.pop('wikipedia_url', None) self.metadata = metadata self.salience = salience self.mentions = mentions @classmethod
[docs] def from_api_repr(cls, payload): """Convert an Entity from the JSON API into an :class:`Entity`. :param payload: dict :type payload: The value from the backend. :rtype: :class:`Entity` :returns: The entity parsed from the API representation. """ name = payload['name'] entity_type = payload['type'] metadata = payload['metadata'] salience = payload['salience'] mentions = [value['text']['content'] for value in payload['mentions']] return cls(name, entity_type, metadata, salience, mentions)