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# Copyright 2014 Google Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

"""Custom exceptions for :mod:`` package.


import copy
import json
import six

from import _to_bytes

_HTTP_CODE_TO_EXCEPTION = {}  # populated at end of module

    from grpc._channel import _Rendezvous
except ImportError:  # pragma: NO COVER
    _Rendezvous = None

# pylint: disable=invalid-name
GrpcRendezvous = _Rendezvous
"""Exception class raised by gRPC stable."""
# pylint: enable=invalid-name

[docs]class GoogleCloudError(Exception): """Base error class for Google Cloud errors (abstract). Each subclass represents a single type of HTTP error response. """ code = None """HTTP status code. Concrete subclasses *must* define. See: """ def __init__(self, message, errors=()): super(GoogleCloudError, self).__init__(message) self.message = message self._errors = errors def __str__(self): result = u'%d %s' % (self.code, self.message) if six.PY2: result = _to_bytes(result, 'utf-8') return result @property def errors(self): """Detailed error information. :rtype: list(dict) :returns: a list of mappings describing each error. """ return [copy.deepcopy(error) for error in self._errors]
[docs]class Redirection(GoogleCloudError): """Base for 3xx responses This class is abstract. """
[docs]class MovedPermanently(Redirection): """Exception mapping a '301 Moved Permanently' response.""" code = 301
[docs]class NotModified(Redirection): """Exception mapping a '304 Not Modified' response.""" code = 304
[docs]class TemporaryRedirect(Redirection): """Exception mapping a '307 Temporary Redirect' response.""" code = 307
[docs]class ResumeIncomplete(Redirection): """Exception mapping a '308 Resume Incomplete' response.""" code = 308
[docs]class ClientError(GoogleCloudError): """Base for 4xx responses This class is abstract """
[docs]class BadRequest(ClientError): """Exception mapping a '400 Bad Request' response.""" code = 400
[docs]class Unauthorized(ClientError): """Exception mapping a '401 Unauthorized' response.""" code = 401
[docs]class Forbidden(ClientError): """Exception mapping a '403 Forbidden' response.""" code = 403
[docs]class NotFound(ClientError): """Exception mapping a '404 Not Found' response.""" code = 404
[docs]class MethodNotAllowed(ClientError): """Exception mapping a '405 Method Not Allowed' response.""" code = 405
[docs]class Conflict(ClientError): """Exception mapping a '409 Conflict' response.""" code = 409
[docs]class LengthRequired(ClientError): """Exception mapping a '411 Length Required' response.""" code = 411
[docs]class PreconditionFailed(ClientError): """Exception mapping a '412 Precondition Failed' response.""" code = 412
[docs]class RequestRangeNotSatisfiable(ClientError): """Exception mapping a '416 Request Range Not Satisfiable' response.""" code = 416
[docs]class TooManyRequests(ClientError): """Exception mapping a '429 Too Many Requests' response.""" code = 429
[docs]class ServerError(GoogleCloudError): """Base for 5xx responses: (abstract)"""
[docs]class InternalServerError(ServerError): """Exception mapping a '500 Internal Server Error' response.""" code = 500
[docs]class MethodNotImplemented(ServerError): """Exception mapping a '501 Not Implemented' response.""" code = 501
[docs]class BadGateway(ServerError): """Exception mapping a '502 Bad Gateway' response.""" code = 502
[docs]class ServiceUnavailable(ServerError): """Exception mapping a '503 Service Unavailable' response.""" code = 503
[docs]def make_exception(response, content, error_info=None, use_json=True): """Factory: create exception based on HTTP response code. :type response: :class:`httplib2.Response` or other HTTP response object :param response: A response object that defines a status code as the status attribute. :type content: string or dictionary :param content: The body of the HTTP error response. :type error_info: string :param error_info: Optional string giving extra information about the failed request. :type use_json: bool :param use_json: Flag indicating if ``content`` is expected to be JSON. :rtype: instance of :class:`GoogleCloudError`, or a concrete subclass. :returns: Exception specific to the error response. """ if isinstance(content, six.binary_type): content = content.decode('utf-8') if isinstance(content, six.string_types): payload = None if use_json: try: payload = json.loads(content) except ValueError: # Expected JSON but received something else. pass if payload is None: payload = {'error': {'message': content}} else: payload = content message = payload.get('error', {}).get('message', '') errors = payload.get('error', {}).get('errors', ()) if error_info is not None: message += ' (%s)' % (error_info,) try: klass = _HTTP_CODE_TO_EXCEPTION[response.status] except KeyError: error = GoogleCloudError(message, errors) error.code = response.status else: error = klass(message, errors) return error
def _walk_subclasses(klass): """Recursively walk subclass tree.""" for sub in klass.__subclasses__(): yield sub for subsub in _walk_subclasses(sub): yield subsub # Build the code->exception class mapping. for _eklass in _walk_subclasses(GoogleCloudError): code = getattr(_eklass, 'code', None) if code is not None: _HTTP_CODE_TO_EXCEPTION[code] = _eklass